I opened Capozzi's in 1997 to create a casual place in a friendly atmosphere with great food at a reasonable price. You know, a neighborhood place kind of like the one I grew up in; where you see your family and friends enjoying themselves over an old fashioned, home style meal. The people that work there know you and your family.

As a boy growing up in New York there were many things that I was exposed to that shaped my culinary skills. Every Sunday was pasta day at Grandma's house in the Bronx. All the aunts, uncles and cousins were there screaming and yelling from soup to cannoli (Italian for appetizer to desert). Grandma would always have a big pot of gravy (that's tomato sauce) on the stove. Mom and her sisters always helped; one made ravioli, another lasagna and Mom rolled manicotti.

My grandfather, Anthony Iannone, would make his wine in the cellar. My grandfather, Dominick Capozzi, had a pork store (that's a butcher shop) at 2111 Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. My uncle, Artie, had a farm stand on Williams Bridge, also in the Bronx, and later, one on Long Island. My brother and I worked at the stand or would be dropped off on a busy street corner to sell fruits and vegetables in the summer. In the winter, we would sell fifty pounds bags of potatoes and bushels of apples; it seems that everything we did always revolved around food.

Mom talked about how my brother and I were always in the kitchen willing to stir, slice, grate, and taste. It helped that Mom, Grandma, and all our aunts were, and still are, fantastic cooks. So, now that you know me, we would like to know you! Thanks to all my customers past, present and future for making my dreams a reality!